Hiking, Cultural Visits
Rediscovering the self & Yoga

A great place, a rediscovering to the self and a connection with nature
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These journeys were made with the aim of creating a great mindset to rediscovering the self and connect to nature. In order to do it, we have chosen a easygoing formula where we share meals, hikes, activities and for those who wish, a yoga retreat or "Rediscovering to the self" sessions. Whether you choose a session or not, we help participant to live an adventure. That's why during these stays, a digital disconnection during group activities will be requested. Whether you are a single person, a group of adults or a family, one of our journey is for you! They include the three magic ingredients that will make your trip an unforgettable experience:
  • An extraordinary and secret region of the world
  • Energizing courses of Yoga or Rediscovering to the self
  • A reconnection to nature

 100% carbon neutral trip 
Au Coeur de sa Nature offset the carbon footprint of your trip due to the air and ground transportation. Through our reforestation projects, we contribute to the capture of greenhouse gases equivalent to the total emissions related to your trip. For more information 
Act for sustainable tourism 
Our objective is to develop sustainable tourism. Since its origin, Au Coeur de sa Nature created different trips thanks to all the resources of the earth, but with the duty of ensuring its durability for the future generations. Our objectives: Applying good practices of sustainable tourism; Developing partnerships based on good social and environmental practices with all tourism stakeholders in destinations; Promoting all actions of its members to act socially while decreasing the environmental impact of each. 
Sites Protection 
The ecological balance of the areas you will discover is very precarious. The permanent tourist flows, even in small groups, disrupts it all the more quickly. In the interest of all, each participant is responsible for the cleanliness and the state of the places that it crosses. The fight against pollution must be everyone's business. Even if you notice that some sites are already polluted, you must collect all your papers, tissues, etc. ...