Mountains & Cathar Castles
June to September 2020
Day 1 June 25th: Arrival at Paris Airport/ Visit of Paris 
Day 2 June 26th: Visit of Paris - Night Train Paris-Pyrenees 
Day 1 : Arrival/ Transfer Barcelona airport/Enveitg station to Village Club Yravals*** - Welcome lunch
Day 2 : Yoga (1,5h) - Hike Eyne’s Valley (Eyne) - Visit of a typical market - Option Balloon flight 
Day 3 : Yoga (1,5h) - Hike St-Thomas - Thermal Bath (Saint-Thomas) - Visit of Evol – Touristic train Olette-Mt-Louis
Day 4 : Hike with donkeys Bolquère/Mont-Louis - Yoga (1,5h)
Day 5 : Hike to the Camporells lakes/Tour of the Pérics - Yoga (1,5h)
Day 6 : Yoga (1,5h) - Hike in Andorra (Pas de la case)
Day7 : Visit of the Carol Castle (Querol) - Yoga (1,5h) - Visit of a store of local products - Hike to the Llivia’ Castle 
Day 8 : Hike The Izards Trail/Puigmal - Yoga (1,5h) 

Day 9 : Yoga (1,5h) - Hike Monségur Castle - Visit of Foix - Farewell diner - Transfer to Ibis Blagnac***(Toulouse)
Day 10 : Transfer Hotel to Toulouse Airport /Departure
Connection to ourselves, nature, and the world is at the core of this yoga retreat. Enjoy eight 2-hour yoga classes, once a day as you enjoy invigorating hikes, steep yourself in the natural beauty of the Pyrenees, and discover new cultures. 
This yoga retreat is a time to refresh the mind, body, and spirit while recommitting to your personal journey of discovering your highest self.

Yoga Teacher
The yoga classes, hikes and visits of this trip are offered in both English & French to help you enjoy the benefits of an international group. Yoga classes will include elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga with extended savasana inspired by the Yoga Nidra tradition in evening classes. Feel relaxed and restored, ready to enjoy each unforgettable moment and scenic view of the trip with full presence of mind. Use your own yoga practice throughout the days as a complement to our discovery of the self, nature, and the richness of French culture and geography.

In this life in which we run constantly, it's good to take some time for ourself to recharge your batteries and make the point to improve certain areas of your life. Nature and hiking in the mountains give us the opportunity for a connection to the nature, to our creativity, to our intuition and to our deep nature. Then our ideas and our hidden dreams can emerge. Our happiness depends on our ability to dare to fully live our dreams. 
At the end of this inner journey, each participant leaves with a lot of clarity in his/her life and a feeling of beginning a new and exciting way of life. The group allows the emulation of ideas and a synergy of motivations. These workshops take place in a ideal place for the reconnection to its own nature, in the heart of the Pyrenees. They are led by a Passionate Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, with the respect and kindness of the members of the group.

Your Professor
GenRose Coaching

The "Rediscovering the Self" sessions are given 2 hours each day of your journey in the heart of the Pyrenees so that each participant can: 
  • Practice daily exercises to know and trust his strengths, talents and passions.  
  • Let emerge over the days a dream he/she wants to achieve to create a life full of meaning.  
  • Start his/her life with a clear vision of what is really important and what project he/she wants to bring out in his life  
  • Create a list of actions to achieve it.  
  • Feel motivated and driven by the enthusiasm of a group 

We always offer alternatives to our challenging hikes in order to adapt to all levels / desires of the participants. We propose daily 1, 2 or 3 different hike levels. One of your 3 guides takes care of the group who selected the same hike level than you. Depending on the level selected, the combination of distance and elevation gain are more or less significant. In any case, we will make sure that you don't exceed your expectations and physical abilities. 
Of course, all the hikes are optional. If one day you prefer to enjoy the hotel facilities or stay at the hike starting point (usually a lake, a river or a nice village), you always have this option. 
This yoga retreat is a time to refresh the mind, body, and spirit while recommitting to your personal journey of discovering your highest self.

Here is a recap of the hikes and hike levels foreseen each day during the trip:
(you can enlarge the table by clicking on it)

Definition of our 5 hike levels:
The cultural visits are guided by your knowledgeable, travel experts and friendly team. Your 3 guides have a real passion of the Catalan region and can't wait to share with you its hidden secrets. You'll be immersed into the typical catalan culture, you'll savour local cuisine and you'll see many monuments, town and churches listed in the UNESCO world heritage. These are definitely "must see" visits as part of any history & art lovers's itinerary.
Here are some examples of the visits foreseen during the trip:
10 Days/9 Nights :
USD 2,029
2 591 CAD
1843 EUR
1 633 £


Yoga: 8 Yoga sessions (12 hours) with your professor

Hotels & Meals:
•  8 nights in the Pyrenees - Village Club Yravals*** - Full Board
Access to all facilities of VC Yravals (Swimming pool, minigolf, bikes…)
•  1 night at Toulouse - Hotel Ibis Blagnac*** - Breakfast included
•  1 welcome lunch & 1 dinner at Foix

•  Transfer from/to Enveitg station or Barcelona Airport  
•  Transportation during all the trip

Visits & Activities
•  English speaking guides for trekking and for cultural visits. 
•  Hiking (several levels of trekking available each day) + cultural visits
1 entrance for the thermal bath (St-Thomas) 
1 hike with donkeys  
1 ticket for the touristic train Olette/Mont-Louis
1 entrance for the Montségur Castle

Optional (Additional cost):
 Balloon flight
 Foix Castle

Carbon offsetting : Offsetting of the carbon emissions of your trip (flight & land transportation) 

Taxes & Fees: Taxes, travel agency fees & FICAV fees
Paris Trip - 3 Days/2 Nights -June 25th-27th 2020: 263 USD / 343 CAD/ 236 EUR / 209 GBP
• 1 guide for your trip
Tickets for the River-boat-shuttle in Paris (2 days)
• 1 night in Paris - Hotel Royal Fromentin - Breakfast included
• 1 night in the Night Train Paris-Pyrenees (Enveitg)
Flight/Train: From your city On request
Option :
From your city - On demand (Additional cost)
Our prices include all taxes and are calculated in canadian dollars CAD. Exchange rates taken into account for the conversion are: 1EUR=1.46CAD; 1USD=1.32CAD, 1GBP=1.65CAD. Payment by credit card - 1000 CAD deposit is required & the total price of the flight on booking. The prices are calculated for double room in double occupancy, for other type of room or occupation, please contact us. Available in limited quantity (16 places)
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Day 1
Arrival - Toulouse
Day 2
Eyne's valley - Balloon flight
Day 3
Fontpédrouse - Thermal bath - Evol - Touristic train
Day 4
Bolquère/Mont Louis
Day 5
Camporells Lakes - Perics peaks
Day 6
Andorra - Pas de la Case
Day 7
Querol Castle - Llivia
Day 8
Isards Trail - Puigmals
Day 9
Montségur Castle - Foix
Day 10
Toulouse - Departure